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(Outpatient: 2nd floor ward of the outpatient building : 4th floor of the obstetric ward building)
1. Brief Introduction to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology:
The first department is the key department of our institute. Under the leadership of the previous institute leaders and department heads, it continuously expands its business scope and service fields.
Advocating the service concept of "caring for life and putting people first", providing humanized motherhood services that integrate perinatal, health care, expectant delivery, childbirth, and postpartum rehabilitation. It has taken the lead in launching new businesses of fetal intrauterine monitoring, music oxygen bar, painless delivery, and companion delivery, which greatly improves the diagnosis rate of fetal distress, reduces the rate of neonatal asphyxia and mortality, and improves the quality of medical care. Newly launched prenatal screening technology, birth defect monitoring, eugenic genetic counseling, and prenatal screening for Down syndrome in the second trimester, further improving obstetric services.
The staff of the department has a good team spirit. We will provide first-class diagnosis and treatment services to patients with superb treatment technology, advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment, warm and intimate nursing services, and high-quality medical treatment environment.
Obstetrics department telephone
Expert Outpatient Phone: 6585046
Nurse Office Phone: 6585076
Doctor's Office Phone: 6585077

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