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The Zoucheng Maternal and Child Health Family Planning Service Center was formed by the integration of the original Maternal and Child Health Hospital and the original City Family Planning Service Center in October 2014. It is located at No. 1289 Fenghuangshan Road, Zoucheng City. The center was founded in 1953. It is a public welfare institution. It is the only second-class maternal and child health and family planning major in the city that integrates medical, teaching, scientific research, preventive health care, first aid, rehabilitation, and family planning technical services The institution is the city's technical guidance and service center for maternal and child health and population and family planning work. It is also the designated institution for new rural cooperative medical care and urban employee medical insurance in the city. The center has 448 cadres and workers, including more than 30 senior titles and 80 intermediate titles . It covers an area of 18,000 square meters, a building area of 20,000 square meters, 146 open beds , and fixed assets of more than 60 million yuan. With Siemens four-dimensional color ultrasound, GE color ultrasound, Philips color ultrasound, high-frequency molybdenum target x- ray machine, computer imaging system ( CR) , Japan Olympus HD uterine laparoscope, three talented breast therapy instrument, pelvic floor rehabilitation therapy instrument, multifunctional anesthesia More than 180 sets of advanced medical equipment ( such as delivery machines, labor analgesics, digital hearing comprehensive training systems ). In 2017 , there were 200,000 outpatient visits, 12,000 hospital admissions, and more than 6,000 hospital deliveries . Pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics were rated as key discipline construction units in Jining.

Our center optimizes the allocation of internal resources in accordance with the business department settings of maternal and child health services, and integrates department settings with service targets as the center. Five departments, namely, the Maternal Health Department, Women's Health Department, Child Health Department, Security Department, and Supervision Department have been established.

The Maternal Health Department provides services such as free pre-marital examinations, eugenic tests, Down's screening, systemic health care during pregnancy, painless delivery, postpartum uterine rehabilitation, lactation, and Chinese medicine fumigation and sweating. It also provides four-dimensional color ultrasound, pregnancy nutrition clinics, and high-risk pregnancy clinics. special service.
The Ministry of Women's Health has launched adolescent outpatient clinics, menopausal outpatient clinics, painless visual drainage, microwave, LEEP knife for cervical treatment, laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery, pelvic floor suspension surgery, mammary gland resection, and three breast treatments. Family planning services such as abortion, upper loop removal, and ligation can be carried out.
The Ministry of Children's Health conducts child growth monitoring, intelligence tests for 0-6 years old, vision and hearing screening, bone density testing, milk nutrition analysis, trace element determination, neuropsychological development assessment and intervention for high-risk children, child rehabilitation, outpatient, hospitalization Outpatient services. It also provides special services such as TCM children's clinics, pediatric massage, allergen detection, and traditional Chinese medicine application. The Security Department and the Supervision Department include medical technology and administrative logistics departments, which mainly provide services for business departments.
For many years, the center has always taken social satisfaction, patient satisfaction, and employee satisfaction as the core indicators for measuring work. It has opened convenience clinics, promoted "one-stop" services, freely transported pregnant women, and launched "three increase and one ban" convenience. Operation Zhengfeng, implemented flexible scheduling of outpatient clinics, opened a self-service kitchen, provided free breakfast for hospitalized mothers and mothers, conscientiously implemented the "nine inadmissibility" regulations, and held regular symposiums for patients or clients. Strengthen telephone return visits to discharged patients and continuously improve service quality.
The center earnestly carried out activities such as "family contracted doctors", joint establishment of branches, joint management of cadres, and free consultation services, which created a good social image and strived to create Zoucheng's first-class major in gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics. The center has been rated as "Second Class A Maternal and Child Health Hospital", "National Advanced City of Maternal and Child Health Cooperation Project", "National Advanced Group of Maternal and Child Health Services", "Advanced Group of Maternal and Child Health Work" in Shandong Province, and "Advanced Unit of Health in Shandong Province" ", Jining's first" Baby-friendly Hospital ", Jining City" Jiangjian Building Demonstration Window ", Zoucheng" civilized unit "and" best service unit ".

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