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Hospital Instructions

Dear patients and relatives:
Hello! Thank you for choosing to come to our hospital for treatment. We will try our best to provide you with high-quality medical services, and ask you to give us your valuable opinions and suggestions at any time. But at the same time, because the hospital is a place for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, in order for you and others to recover health as soon as possible and facilitate the medical staff of our hospital to implement medical behaviors, our hospital has made corresponding provisions in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, hoping to provide you with high-quality and efficient You are requested to cooperate with your medical services.
1. You should provide all health-related information to the medical staff in detail, including basic information about the current illness, previous illnesses and diagnosis and treatment history, drug allergy history and other relevant details.
2. According to the law, if special inspection, special treatment, surgery and experimental medical treatment are required in medical activities, the patient or legal representative, close relatives or other related parties should sign the corresponding consent form. In order to ensure that you can understand the purpose of the corresponding invasive ( special ) examination and treatment, and the risks of the examination and treatment itself, our medical staff will explain the situation to you in detail. This is a legal obligation that medical staff should fulfill. If you don't understand something, please promptly ask for medical explanation. Please listen carefully to the notice from our hospital medical staff and consider it carefully, and sign legal documents such as informed consent. Once these documents are signed by both parties, they will have the corresponding legal effect and have important significance for you to exercise your legitimate rights and interests correctly.
3. You should follow the treatment plan and related precautions proposed by your doctor and with your consent. After leaving the hospital, you should also perform activities, rest as instructed by your doctor, and ensure a prompt follow-up.
4. During the hospital stay, if you use cephalosporins, please do not drink alcohol during the medication and within one week after stopping the medication.
5. When you feel unwell or need help from the nurse, please use the bedside pager to call the medical staff, or notify the nurse station by other means, we will provide you with medical and nursing services in time.
6. During the hospital stay, please do not leave the ward, leave the hospital or stay outside without authorization, so as to avoid accidents. Otherwise, the consequences of any unexpected situation arising therefrom shall be borne by the hospital, and the hospital shall not be held liable.
7. During the hospitalization period, without the consent of the doctor in charge, you must not go out of the hospital for medical treatment, purchase medicines, invite doctors to the hospital for consultation and take other treatment methods, otherwise, you will bear the consequences of the consequences.
8. To ensure safety, it is strictly forbidden to smoke or use electric stoves in the ward and the ward. Do not bring home appliances into the ward without permission. Violators will be dealt with in accordance with the relevant regulations of the hospital and bear all the consequences arising therefrom.
9. In order to ensure the safety of patients' lives and to ensure that medical personnel perform medical actions, for patients whose conditions may change at any time, please try not to lock the ward. At the same time, patients' personal laptops, cash, certificates, and other valuables should not be brought into the ward. If you bring them in, please keep them properly to prevent loss. If the affected party violates the rules and causes property damage, the hospital shall not be liable for compensation.
10. Patients and relatives are required to abide by the visiting system. They must not stay or accompany the bed without the consent of the doctor in charge.
11. Family members of patients with flu-like symptoms or fever are not allowed to visit the hospital.
12. After a medical dispute occurs, you should remain sane, calm, and deal with it in accordance with legal procedures. It can be settled through consultation with the hospital, or applied for mediation by the health administrative department, or filed a lawsuit in the people's court, but it must not disrupt the normal medical order, let alone beat medical staff and damage hospital property.

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