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I. Register (emergency registration) and payment: Register (emergency registration) and payment at each window of the cash register at the west side of the lobby on the first floor. You can also register and pay at the self-service payment machine (WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay card payment is fully implemented).

Drug collection: After payment, you can pick up the drug at the Chinese and Western pharmacies on the east side of the lobby on the first floor with the payment documents.
Second, the first diagnosis:
1. Patients are called according to the number of the triage desk. After you arrive at the consultation room, please show your medical card, and describe the condition to the doctor, as well as the treatment process and the medication.
2. Drug prescriptions and various application forms for examinations issued by doctors (such as: laboratory tests, ultrasound, ECG, radiation, etc.) are not required to be marked, and they can be paid directly at the window or self-service payment machine.
Third, check:
1. Items that require blood drawing in the outpatient clinic will be collected in the third-floor laboratory. The results of ordinary blood, urine, stool routine, blood type, urine pregnancy, etc. are immediately acceptable. For blood collection items before 9:00 am, reports will be made after 1:30 pm on that day (except for special items). Blood test, urine, stool routine, blood type, urine pregnancy, biochemical tests (liver function, myocardial enzymes, etc.) hepatitis B, hepatitis C, blood HCG, blood coagulation and other four results were obtained at the self-service machine of the laboratory (concerned with the laboratory notice).
2. Make radiographs and lactation on the first floor of the radiology department; do lung function tests, allergen screening, umbilical blood flow, fetal heart monitoring, music oxygen bar, and electrocardiogram on the second floor;
3. Do ultrasound, test and pre-pregnancy test on the third floor.
4. Abortion, breasts, health checkup, and microwave treatment are on the fourth floor.
5, pelvic floor rehabilitation on the fifth floor.
Fourth, follow-up:
1. Patients returning to the consultation need to bring previous medical information and re-register for medical treatment.
2. Patients who need surgery in the outpatient clinic will be arranged by doctors in related departments.
3. For the patients who need to be hospitalized, go to the hospital to go through the hospitalization procedures according to the hospitalization application form issued by the doctor.

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