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[ Construction style ] Zoucheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital held a clean government education meeting and weekly operation analysis meeting of “Do n’t forget the original heart and keep in mind the mission [2019-12-6] (Read 52 times)
[ News News ] Our College Launches a Series of Activities to Commemorate the 97th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party [2018-7-5] (Read 8002 times)
[ News News ] Our College Holds Thematic Democratic Life Meeting [2018-7-2] (Read 8091 times)
[ Construction style ] Zoucheng Maternity and Children's Insurance Construction Institute held a conference on party style and clean government construction [2018-3-13] (Read 9804 times)
[ News News ] Our Party's General Party Branch Held the "Learning Party's Nineteenth National Congress of the Party's Enlargement of the General Party Branch" [2017-11-9] (Read 9840 times)
[ News ] Our center held a speech and commendation meeting on July 1 [2016-7-1] (Read 10141 times)
[ News ] The practice of carrying out the study and education of "learning the party constitution and party rules, and studying a series of speeches to be a qualified party member" among all party members [2016-6-16] (Read 10116 times)
[ News News ] Implementation Plan for the Election of the Party Organization [2016-6-16] (Read 10280 times)
[ Leadership Division ] Notice on Adjusting the Division of Labor among the General Party Branch and Party Branch Committee Members [2016-6-16] (Read 10817 times)
[ Service Commitment ] 2016 Responsibility Letter for Party Style and Clean Government Construction [2016-6-16] (Read 10032 times)
[ Spiritual Civilization Construction ] The Party's Mass Line Education Practice Activity System Construction Plan [2014-10-17] (Read 10337 times)
[ Service Commitment ] Solicitation Opinion Form for Party's Mass Line Education Practice Activities in Zoucheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital [2014-5-9] (Read 10616 times)
[ Construction style ] Mobilization meeting for correcting unhealthy practices in medicine purchase and sale and medical practice [2014-2-8] (Read 10449 times)
[ Construction Style ] Self-examination Commitment for Special Rectification Work on Correcting Unhealthy Trends in Medicine Purchase and Sale [2014-2-8] (Read 10420 times)
[ Construction Style ] Our Institute Held a Mobilization Conference on the Implementation of the "Nine Prohibitions" [2014-1-2] (Read 11182 times)
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