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Liu Xiangze

Chief of surgery, chief physician. The first well-known expert of Jining City, member of the General Medical Branch of Shandong Medical Association, member of General Medical Branch of Shandong Medical Association, deputy director of General Medical Branch of Jining Medical Association, deputy director of Hernia and Abdominal Wall Professional Committee of Jining Medical Association, Jining City Deputy Chairman of the Anorectal Committee of the Medical Association.

He graduated from Weifang Medical College in 1985 and has been engaged in general surgery for 34 years. He has mastered the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases in the field of general surgery. He is mainly good at diagnosis and treatment of breast disease, comprehensive treatment of breast cancer, diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease, and comprehensive treatment of gastrointestinal tumor , Abdominal wall hernia including diagnosis and treatment of hernia in children, diagnosis and treatment of anorectal disease, diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities.

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