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Early Prevention of Birth Defects, Healthy China Action-Zou Cheng Women and Children Launch Series of Publicity Activities on Birth Defect Day

是预防出生缺陷日,为贯彻落实健康中国行动,加强出生缺陷防治宣传教育,引导全社会更加关注和支持出生缺陷防治和妇幼健康促进工作,在全社会营造重视和支持出生缺陷防治工作的良好的氛围,邹城市妇幼保健院开展出生缺陷防治系列宣传活动。 September 12th is the Day to Prevent Birth Defects, in order to implement the Healthy China Initiative, strengthen publicity and education on birth defect prevention, guide the whole society to pay more attention to and support birth defect prevention and maternal and child health promotion, and create attention and support for birth defects in the whole society A good atmosphere for prevention and treatment, Zoucheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital launched a series of publicity activities for the prevention of birth defects.

The theme of this year's event is: "Early prevention of birth defects, Healthy China Action", which aims to guide the mobilization of the whole society to participate, focus on the prevention of birth defects, conduct extensive publicity and health education, and strengthen the concept that the individual is the first person responsible for health Start with me, take positive actions, create a good atmosphere for the whole society to do its part, and build a healthy atmosphere for sharing healthy women and children, and promote the implementation of the Health China Initiative and the special actions for women and children health promotion.

As the lead hospital, Zoucheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital is responsible for the management of birth defects in the city. The hospital leaders attach great importance to it and set up an activity working group. Under the precise organization of the Ministry of Health, based on the actual situation of the unit, a detailed activity plan and work plan are formulated. Make all arrangements for publicity activities.

The School Education and Education Department printed hanging publicity banners, electronic screen scrolling publicity slogans, and prominently posted publicity posters. A publicity information desk was set up at the entrance of the hospital to arrange medical staff to carry out propaganda and education with the main content of preventing birth defects, and to distribute publicity materials to the masses. They gave patient and detailed answers to the masses' problems and confusions, and received praise and praise from the masses.

In order to circulate publicity materials such as "Birth Defect Prevention" and "Folic Acid Supplement" to the masses, patiently and carefully explain the significance of birth defect prevention and related inspection projects carried out by the hospital, and popularize national free prenatal screening and other benefits policies.


This event also used the advantages of the Internet to push a popular science article on "National Health and Health Commission: A Picture to Understand Core Information on Health Education for Birth Defects Prevention and Prevention" through the public account of the hospital and the hospital website, so that more families can obtain science for preventing birth defects. The knowledge, the benefits are wide, and the key points are prominent. It truly brings the knowledge of prevention of birth defects into the hearts of the people and evokes the active participation of the whole society. In order to reduce the occurrence of birth defects in our city, improving the quality of the birth population will play a positive role. Zoucheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital has launched medical services such as free pre-marital check-ups, free prenatal pregnancy tests, free prenatal screening, and newborn disease screening, and is committed to improving the city's newborn health and reducing the rate of birth defects.

Through various forms of propaganda activities for preventing birth defects in and out of the hospital, it has popularized the knowledge of preventing birth defects to the masses, improved everyone's awareness of the prevention of birth defects, strengthened the awareness of eugenics and risk prevention capabilities of the masses, and improved the quality of the birth population. The risk of pregnancy has played a positive role.

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