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Zoucheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital successfully launched the first total knee replacement

In April this year, Zoucheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital set up surgery. Liu Xiangze, director of General Surgery of Yankuang General Hospital, was appointed as the director of surgery. Liu Xiangze was the first well-known expert in Jining, a member of the Shandong Provincial Medical Association's General Branch, a member of the Shandong Medical Association's General Branch, and the deputy director of the Jining Medical Association Hernia and Abdominal Wall Professional Committee. Member, Deputy Chairman of the Anorectal Professional Committee of Jining Medical Association. Liu Xiangze has been engaged in general surgery for 34 years. He is good at diagnosis and treatment of breast disease, comprehensive treatment of breast cancer, diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease, comprehensive treatment of gastrointestinal tumors, diagnosis and treatment of abdominal wall hernia including pediatric hernia, diagnosis and treatment of anorectal disease, and varicose veins of lower limbs. Diagnosis and treatment. Since the establishment of surgery, more than 130 surgical patients have been treated.

On October 16, Zoucheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital successfully completed the first total knee replacement. The 68-year-old woman was suffering from knee joint pain for more than three years. She usually had weight-bearing symptoms and increased symptoms after exertion. She had increased pain and swelling in her left knee in the past six months, which affected her daily life. She was hospitalized for surgery in Zoucheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

The surgical team, under the leadership of the relevant responsible comrades of the hospital, conducted a comprehensive examination of the patient, diagnosed it as osteoarthritis of the left knee, and formulated a detailed treatment plan for it, conscientiously improving the preoperative preparation, which lasted one and a half hours. It carried out "left knee artificial joint replacement." After the operation, the head of the hospital, Fan Fanhuai, and Fu Chen, personally went to the ward to visit and comfort the patients.

This operation is the first artificial knee replacement in the hospital. The success of the operation has filled the technical gap of the hospital in the field of artificial knee replacement, marking a new high level of surgical medical technology in the hospital, which will provide a large number of elderly bones in Zoucheng City. Knee arthritis patients bring the gospel.

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