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Zoucheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital Held Process Reengineering Promotion Meeting

On the afternoon of October 22, the Zoucheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital held a process reengineering system innovation and weekly operation analysis meeting. More than 70 people in the hospital's leadership and middle-level cadres attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the leaders in charge respectively informed the progress of work last week and the work schedule for next week. Party Secretary Fan Yihuai announced the division of labor among members of the leadership team. Dean Fu Chen emphasized at the meeting that the first is to unify thinking and gather strength. Each employee must treat himself as a woman and child, and must also be the master of the woman and child. Firmly establish a sense of ownership, strengthen unity, brainstorm, and strengthen the crisis. Consciousness, sense of responsibility and sense of urgency, to transmit pressure layer by layer, to work hard, take the hospital as a home, rise from difficulties, rise to the difficulties, solve the problem of hospital development, and focus on checking the charges of each department. Charges shall be checked item by item to ensure that the interests of the masses are not infringed. The second is that the director of the department is the first responsible person. He must stand at the height of stressing politics, prioritize the promotion of mass satisfaction, optimize service processes, and improve service attitudes. He must be brave and genuine. Pay close attention to strict management, do not condone complaints, do not condone, and promptly resolve mass dissatisfaction, further improve mass satisfaction, and ensure that the requirements of the party committee of the bureau are met. Third, we must pay attention to the improvement of business capabilities, highlight the "three basics" training, implement a monthly examination system, and work hard on the execution of medical, nursing, fee collection, city creation, health creation, and middle-level cadres to implement all tasks in place. The fourth is to set the tone of two mentions and two downs, vigorously improve the quality of services, improve the sense of gain, happiness, and security of the masses, reduce the price of charges, reduce operating costs, and save energy and reduce consumption. Start to reduce unnecessary consumption of the hospital and promote the healthy development of the hospital. (Contributed by Cui Shiling)


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