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High incidence of cervical cancer
The high incidence of cervical cancer is mainly concentrated in the following 10 types of people. As long as you avoid the following conditions, you can stay away from cervical cancer.
(1) Females with low age at first sexual intercourse;
(2) Females whose male sexual partners have cervical cancer sexual partners;
(3) Those who have multiple sexual partners or have sexual intercourse too frequently;
(4) Women who are receiving immunosuppressive therapy;
(5) Women who smoke;
(6) Women with cervical lesions, such as those with chronic cervicitis who are not treated in time and a history of malignant tumors of the reproductive tract;
(7) Women who have been or are suffering from high-risk reproductive tract human papilloma virus;
(8) Women with herpes simplex virus infection now or in the past;
(9) HIV-infected women;
(10) Women with other sexually transmitted diseases, especially multiple sexually transmitted diseases.
The above 10 cases are the population with high incidence of cervical cancer. Therefore, the occurrence of cervical cancer can be effectively avoided if the above conditions are avoided. (China Obstetrics and Gynecology Network)
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