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N ways to prevent breast disease
First, change your eating habits. Use a low-fat, high-fiber diet with fiber from cereals (whole wheat), vegetables, and beans.
Second, massage your breasts often. Gently massaging the breasts allows excess fluid to return to the lymphatic system. When massaging, first apply soap liquid to the breast, and rotate your fingers along the surface of the breast to make a circle about the size of a coin. Then press the breast in with your hands and bounce it up, which has great benefits in preventing breast discomfort.
Third, wear a solid bra. In addition to preventing sagging breasts, the bra plays a more important role in preventing the breast nerves that have been oppressed from being further oppressed and eliminating discomfort. Attentive sisters will find that jogging athletes wear solid bras for this health care reason.
4. Avoid diuretics. Diuretics do help drain fluids from the body and reduce swelling in the breast. However, excessive use of diuretics can cause potassium loss, disrupt electrolyte balance, and affect glucose formation.
Fifth, do not eat salty pepperoni. High-salt foods tend to swell your breasts. You should avoid these foods 7 to 10 days before your period.
6. Try hot packs. Hot pack is a traditional Chinese medicine method, which can be used to relieve breast pain by using hot packs, thermos bottles or hot baths. If the cold and hot compress method is used alternately, the effect of eliminating breast discomfort will be better.
Seven, prevent obesity. For obese women, weight loss will help relieve breast swelling and pain.
Eight, castor oil on the chest. Castor oil contains a substance that enhances the function of T11 lymphocytes, which can accelerate the recovery of various infections and remove pain. The method is: drop castor oil on a cotton cloth folded into four layers, so that it is full of castor oil, but not too wet, so as not to drip everywhere. Put this cloth on the breast, cover with a plastic film, and put on a hot pack. Adjust the heat pack to the heat you can tolerate for an hour.
9. Stay away from coffee. Can make breast pain and other benign symptoms significantly improved.
Ten, do not abuse anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics, because breast pain can not use local steroid anti-inflammatory agents.
Eleven, do more exercise and maintain a good mood.
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