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Who is susceptible to breast cancer?
The ratio of male to female onset of breast cancer is 1:99, and the age of onset is also different. The peak age of onset is 45-55 years; it is rare under 25 years of age. The cause is unknown, but the following groups are listed as high-risk groups:
① Have a family history of breast cancer, that is to say, a family member who has a blood relationship with his mother or sister in the family has had breast cancer, and this family belongs to a high-risk group;
② Menarche is too early, the first menstrual period is before the age of 12, or the menstrual period is late, such as menopause after 52 years of age;
③ those who have not given birth or who have given birth after the age of 35, and who have not given birth or are breast-feeding over the age of 40;
④ Too obese, especially after menopause, or accompanied by diabetes;
⑤ Regularly ingest high-fat or animal-fat foods, and like to eat cooked beef;
⑥ Previously suffering from breast hyperplasia, especially those with atypical hyperplasia;
⑦ Excessive exposure to radiation or carcinogens, multiple exposures to the chest, for example: X-ray or radiotherapy is often performed;
患者 Patients with previous functional uterine bleeding or endometrial adenocarcinoma. (Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital)
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